LiquidSky Video Submission Contest! “Show Us Your Best Stunts!”


Is it 10th of july.

I don't like 20 characters limit.


no one does.........


Has this just been cancelled now? @LiquidSkyJustin


idk dude unless Justin him self posts here that cant be trusted


They have something better in store, perhaps? Such get a get a controller...everyone gets a controller!!!!



Any update about the poll ?


Hey all,

I'm happy to let everyone know that due to all of the wonderful submissions, we are deciding to EXTEND the competition until July 24th! We just couldn't get enough of seeing you all playing on LiquidSky :smile:

Polling will now begin on July 21st, 2017, and users will have even more time to get in their submissions!

So don't wait, there's never been a better time to hop in and start posting your awesome stunts! :thumbsup:

An additional official announcement will be up later this weekend concerning the extension, including additional prizes for those who participated!

Overwatch on LiquidSky 2.0 | Crazy Clips |

As an additional message,

Those who posted their video submissions in this thread, PLEASE make a separate thread in the contest/giveaways section of our forum with your video submission.

As per the rules in the description, we will not be accepting any videos that were not properly posted in its own thread in the contests/giveaway forum.

Thank you :thumbsup:


Awww thats bad.... but also good!!!.. I'll find many good moments to post!!!


So we have to submit our clips again in the forums?


Nope, it is for those who have posted their videos here in this official thread.


i still dont understand could you say it better


Ok, let me elaborate.
Don't post your video in " liquidsky video submission contest" thread
Make a separate thread which many of you have made it.
But some didn't and they posted here.

Hope, this simplification is understood by you.


so we gotta thread we made what point of this one then wouldent that be harder for them to go searching looking thru all threads seems like more work for them



As previously mentioned, this contest has been officially extended until July 24th, 2017!

Please post all of your video submissions here as we will be voting on the winners starting July 21st, 2017!

Have fun in the Sky with LiquidSky and our new Android release!



BeamNG Drive on LiquidSky 2.0 - A Few Stunts that I tried


Actually brother you copied mine videos and these were the clips made by myself and here in the forums I posted these.
So, don't cheat with me.

If you don't trust me,then see the above link and my YouTube channel name is "GamerLS".
So, I would say make your own videos to win the contest rather copying.


That's really f'd up.