Live stream is done, video is here :)


I will start live stream soon (after 1h from now) where I show how liquidsky pro plan perform with 4G internet. My ping is around 60-70 and download speed to frankfurt around 16-20mb.
You will see everything, I will show how to start pro plan (or how many times it say full lol) and some gaming. Elder scrolls online is ready to go and titanfall 2, you can ask other games in chat. I can stream 3-4h if there is ppl who watch it.

Basically I can show everything what you want to see or know. Make your questions ready folks!

Stream will be available here:


Sounds like a cool idea! I thought to upload couple videos with my experience in Titan Fall 2 and Mad Max, but live time streaming would be much better for demonstration all good and bad sides of the LS platform.


Yeah, I think it´s better to show live so ppl see what work and what not :slight_smile:
Stream start in 10-15min.


And we are online now!


Thanks for streaming the service, just keep in mind you have twice the recommended ping. We recommend a ping of less than 35ms for an optimal experience so please be sure to mention this during your stream.


There's over a million viewers and he's complaining about input lag while telling everyone not to sign up. Lol Jk. :grin:


That was fun :slight_smile: Only two little bug, server is full msg couple times and mouse jump after menus. But those are small ones and I can still play fine.
@jason My point was show people that if I can play with my shitty 4g internet and stream same time then this service is good already. I am happy customer. I just want to play some games that don´t run in my cheap laptop and this service already work fine for that.

If you want to check stream it´s here: