Local Latency - How do you reduce it?


You hear a lot about local latency but no info on how to reduce it.

So...How can you reduce it?

All the rigs I've tested on all seem to jump around. One second it's 0% then it can be 30+%.

Why is this?

My machines are all windows 10 based Pc's with capable GPU's and my latency to the LS Server is 16ms today and have seen at worst 26ms.


Could it be your wi-fi? Try using cable


For about 20ms off you can use this: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info13581-LeatrixLatencyFix.html I know it is a World of Warcraft site but just install it and restart and you will notice a little less latency. Also, only use Wifi if you are using 802.11a/c.


@ WDSnav91 I'll have a look at that thanks.

@ 8921592 I'm already using Ethernet cable. Sorry forgot to mention that.

I've had an engineer round today and he gave me a new Router and put a power filter on it as I was running at a high power level which seems so far to help with image tearing but not latency.


Unfortunately the Latency Fix didn't work. I think My Network is already optimized as it's all modern hardware.
I'll have to dig deeper.