Low-Power Replacement Graphics Card


Since I've decided to PC game entirely through liquid sky, I'm looking to upgrade (though likely downgrade in general performance) to a low power graphics card. I simply want to save energy while also getting a DXVA compliant card. I currently own a gtx 460 SE 1gb card and am looking to purchase a gt 710, r7 240, or gt 730. Any recommendations either between those cards or others? Thanks in advance.


Would do r7 240. Better FPSand more vRam.


You should try to purchase the GTX 1050ti 4gb Low profile card. The cards you listed might not be better than a GTX460. The card I listed does not require an extra power plug and is energy saving and compact for most PCs. I am currently saving up for it.


A gtx 1050 would be great, but I'm really just trying to buy the cheapest card that will still provide me with an ideal liquid sky experience, while saving me money on my electric bill. I'm leaning towards the r7 240 just because I can get it for $45 and I don't really think that I need more raw power than that.


I use the r7 240 and is fully satisfied. But, keep in mind that there are many versions of the r7 240. Personal example - Asus r7 240 GDDR3 1GB 64bit (memory bus) and 1080p @ 60fps - bad experience. MSI R7 240 2GB GDDR3 128bit (memory bus) and 1080p @ 60fps - perfect experience. In metal gear solid 5 spent through liquidsky 40 hours.
And I must say, the local Ping 3-8ms. I didn't even feel the difference, no delays. It feels like I'm playing on my computer and not through liquidsky. I recommend this card


What I meant to say - take r7 240 with 128bit memory bus (version 2gb GDDR3 or 1GB GDDR5)


Really appreciate the advice. That was enough for me to buy one on ebay. Got the 2gb gddr3 with 128bit bus version. Seems like a very good value for $45. Thanks again!!!!