Lower FPS than usual


I just came back to LS. Its been about 7-8 months probably. I can’t even play Skyrim on 1080p and hold 30 FPS. I played Skyrim on LS a year and a half ago and was holding 50-60 FPS on the exact same settings I just re-installed at. How the hell has performance actually gone DOWN incredibly bad as opposed to being improved or at least sustained since the last time I used this service? Wow, what an incredible let down.


When have you checked? Just now, literally while you were typing, a fix has been rolled out. Temporary, permanent fix will follow.
I just tried my FF SkyPC, and the stream was incredibly smooth.


I first came back last night with surprisingly terrible FPS, and then just checked again even after taking off the 2k texture pack to set it to absolute vanilla settings and saw bad FPS drops and no where near even 45 FPS. But alas, I’ll give it another check later tonight I suppose. Thanks for the heads up on the fix rollout.


Yeah, I’d definitely say that’s not normal behavior, especially with that game. I can play much more intensive games and get higher FPS, so let us know and we can try to troubleshoot for you!


Thats what Im wondering. I confirmed that I had the highest connection setting selected, I did a speed test and I am receiving 55 down/up with verizon fios. Is there anything else I need to be doing? Again guys, I used to run Skyrim almost flawlessly using liquidsky. I know there have been performance downgrades but surely ona game as old as skyrim it wouldn’t make such a huge degradation in performance.

Any more suggestions?


The weird thing is that there haven’t been any downgrades, so that’s why I’m curious. Can you test any other games to see if maybe it’s a bug with Skyrim itself? Also, have you tried lowering the stream quality to medium to see if it persists?

Also, here’s a workaround that can help with stream quality, but something tells me this won’t fix your issue.


Here’s another bit of information that has come to light which could be causing issues for you.


I appreciate this information liquidskymorgan. I wonder if its related to the throttling from yall’s ISP. I’ll give these suggestions a go, and if no dice I will assume there is some type of network issue due to the throttling and sit back and wait for a bit. Thanks again and appreciate the input from both of ya’ll.


During peak time, there are two possible reasons for performance drops: low SkyPC performance, or stream stuttering. The stream at least should hopefully be fixed now, or get fixed very soon.
So you should run an ingame fps counter, like the Steam fps overlay, to check the real fps.
If these are low, try outside peak time to check if the issue persists.


This is excellent advice, actually. I’ll use an FPS counter and see whats actually happening in game. I also checked my Sky computer’s network bandwidth and it appears that with almost full certainty, my lack of better FPS is due to the bandwidth issue that others have mentioned. I’m staying between1 - 12ish Mbps which obviously is going to affect being able to push 60 FPS to my screen. I’ll keep a close eye on the original thread regarding that issue and hopefully we get a fix soon.

Thank you again for your responses, you all have been very helpful.