LS gameplay shearing


Guys I was playing dying light on LS in android and there is a lot of screen shearing and audio breaking up. Iam using mobile data even though i get 1mbps download speed it is not stable it fluctuates to 100kbps 400kbps 600kbps etc..and return back. Is this the reason for my problem. Will I able to play smoothly in stable WiFi connection of same speed?? Please reply.


Sorry but no, 1MB/s isn´t enough. You would need at least a 7MB/s.

PS: it´s screen tearing, not gameplay shearing :slight_smile:


Not to be mean, but that's an example of a wasted beta key. I have a PC system on a 100/10mbps connection ready to go (because I took the time to read the requirements) and I don't have a beta key even though I am willing to pay for it.


@choy Well, can´t argue with that. But don´t worry buddy, just one more month and you can try it out too.


I'm sorry but 1MB/s (8Mbps) would be enough to play well in 720p@30. 1Mbps (125kB/s) though is simply not enough to have decent quality indeed. You would need at least 4Mbps (500kB/s).


Thanks yeah I meant tearing but keypad errors


Oh, thx Jimmy for fixing that mistake i did there, i was on my phone se the autocorrect stepped in and made that "b" into a "B". You´ve earned a small, useless plus :slight_smile: