LS-Team cooperate with Remotr-Team to optimize Remotr for LS and getting people to use with LS?


Tried out Remotr on LS & an iPhone 5s and is the speed running just as fast & the latency is just as low on a local machine. No notable differences.
Although the video quality of the feed isn't that great on the Remotr app, the response and latency is very low and for sure playable.

So yeah, playing LS on an IOS anywhere is VERY possible this way. (if you have a good Wifi connection)
But i don't like to use the controle scheme of Remotr, i preffer a game controller or keyboard/mouse.
So i only tried it out using my gamepad that was connected to my local PC and watching the video feed through Remotr.

Perhaps the LS-Team could cooperate together optimizing Remotr for LS and getting people to use LS through Remotr?


Remotr is a good app for streaming PC games (including those on your LiquidSky account) to iOS. A collaboration would be fantastic!

Remotr already supports MFi controllers. For many games this is enough, but since MFi controllers are missing clickable analog sticks, the Remotr app lets you configure the two missing buttons to the screen while using a MFi controller.

Ideally we would be able to connect a PS4 or Xbox One (Bluetooth) controller to an iOS device to play, but the app would have to specifically support the controller and have the necessary drivers builtin.

I put in a request with Remotr to look into supporting the new Xbox One controller with Bluetooth. They marked it as “Under Review,” but they have other things going on like starting their own streaming service that looks like it will compete with GeForce Now when it launches.


Here's a small short example of Remotr with LiquidSky: