Mac client locked to 30 FPS


The latest Mac Client (0.41) is locked to 30 FPS and there's currently no option to change it.

Not sure if this is a bug or if it's been done on purpose. Would appreciate some acknowledgement or explanation from developers.


Hey guys,

Almost all Mac computers we tested have trouble it seems (even the latest and most powerful i7's) rendering anything quickly at 60FPS. There are many thing in the OS which cause render latency. There are however a few devices which may work with 60FPS on VDA. You can enable it by adding the line(s)


to your config.ini located in the username/.LiquidSky/ folder. You can get there quickly by going to (~/.LiquidSky/).

After editing this file, restart the client and 60FPS should be supported.



I'm building a PC to run LiquidSky

Thanks Ian. I recently got a new 13" MacBook and it works okay at 60FPS but still find that older Windows i5 laptops perform better or just as good sigh.