[MAC] - mouse freezes in the center of the screen during locked mode



i just got liquidsky and it's amazing.
My issue is quite annoying, If I launch a game (playing with the pad) and if the game enter in the mouse locked mode it vanishes correctly (leaving correctly the F12 info on the top), but after few minutes the mouse reappears where is hidden in the front of the screen, playing the all game with the mouse locked in the middle of the screen.

Hoverer the mouse has no bugs, in the sense that can be used.

Let me know if I can fix it or it's a bug of the client. (or maybe of the windows machine)




your not alone man, ALOT of people have been having mouse/keyboard issues, best bet its just an error with LS, your just going to have to wait till they update it, sorry


Thanks Ninja!
I'll wait for updates!