Mac OS Client 0.40 beta - No audio


Hello all,

Did anyone experience no audio when using Liquidsky server with the Mac OS client? I can't hear audio at all, even the system sounds are muted through the Mac client. Is there any workaround for this issue? Or is it something related to my configuration only?

Thanks in advance,


Hey Maurizio,

I can relate! I haven't any sound too. Which macOS are you running? Sierra?


Hey Maurizio,

How did this occur and could you possibly post the steps necessary for us to replicate the issue?

What are you settings within the SkyComputer?

What were you doing before you lost audio in the current Mac Client?



I find it happens sometimes after being connected to my Sky for a few mins, I normally have to kill and restart the MacOS audio service to get sound back on the system and the LiquidSky audio won't come back until i restart the client, if you need any logs or anything from me get in contact :slight_smile: