MAJOR BUG! PLease help me


When i open liquid sky my frames are at below 5.1 roughly but then when i minimize the client to my toolbar i hover over it and the frames shoot up to 100+
if any one has ideas/solutions will be much gratefully appreciated. For this i can play or even use liquid sky my specs are :cpu: intel pentium D 3.00 GHz
:gpu:intel chipset
Ram 4gb 2.99 useable

:DATACENTER:london i live in derby


If your PC is unable to decode HD videos then it doesn't meet the graphical needs. Pre DualCore PC's with pre 2006 gpu's will struggle to decode the stream in either software and hardware mode. A 4-5 year old android phone can do better than that.


but when i minimize lsky my frames rapidly go up


Because it's not rendering the frames, it's just keeping the frame count up to stay in sync when you bring back the window and the pc needs to start rendering the frames again.


ok thanks bro so you reccomend me getting a better gpu?


Worse I recomment a better PC in general. Pentium D's are basically 2 P4's glued together. HD decoding was still a very very recent thing and the performance will totally suck with anything below DualCore and a Nvidia 6600 (or its equivalent for the competition)


if i got a gtx 750 would that make performance better


I dunno why you would pair a GTX750 with a Pentium D but I don't know. That combo could just be enough to run smoothly but not thanks to your processor.


im gonna look what cpu my laptop has if thats better and has same socket i will tell you