Maximize Liquidsky window


Whenever I maximize the Liquidsky window, the window switches to a 16:9 ratio no matter what display resolution I've chosen in the Liquisky machine and everything looks distorted too.

Also when maximized, the windows doesn't fill the whole screen but takes around 1/4th of it (my screen has a native resolution of 3000x2000 pixels).

Can you fix that issue so the window properly maximizes to occupy the whole screen and doesn't switch to a 16:9 ratio. I know this mean upscaling but isn't it what happens too when I run Liquidsky in fullscreen mode?


I would say trying messing around with the display settings (right click on the desktop of the skycomputer) and set them to the same as your client computer... not sure if this helps


They mentioned that LS only supports 1280*720 and 1920*1080. I guess the only option for you right now is using windowed mode.


I've tried messing around with the display settings but the maximum resolution supported is 1920x1080 which is way below my screen's resolution.


Are those resolutions you mention screen resolutions or streaming resolutions? As far as I can see, on my Liquidsky computer I can choose other ones than the two you listed.

If it's the streaming resolution then the ratio kinda makes sense but it still doesn't explain why the window does not take up the whole width of my screen. So for me there's still something wrong with the Liquidsky client.


To illustrate my problem. I've ran my LS computer on another Surface device.

Here's what I get in a restored down window with the display set at 1600x1024. You can see the picture is not distorted.

And that's what happens when I maximize the window, look how the picture is stretched and there's a gap between the bottom of the Liquidsky window and and the top of the taskbar of the host: