Metal Gear Rising: Revengence [Liquidsky 2.0] [Chopping enemies into 50 pieces] FIXED VIDEO


Chopping up enemies is like nothing for Raiden. Watch as he manages to kill his enemies with his sword, slicing them like a knife and hot butter. Metal Gear Rising: Revengence is a hack and slash game that I recommend everyone should try, as you get to chop up your enemies into however many pieces you want. You get to do cool QTEs with a great soundtrack, and most importantly, the bosses are amazing. This game even managed to predict America's president on some of his ideas.

So how'd you guys like the video?


Hey Adoidos15,

The video seems unavailable!

Could you re-upload or fix the link?


Link fixed. Try viewing again



It's looking good, nothing like slicing and dicing through Metal Gear Revengence :smiley:

Looking forward to having you in the contest!


Thanks. Will there be a separate topic on voting for the best videos? Just want to know how exactly we will be able to vote


Chopping enemies into 50 pieces...

i think you miss counted there...
23 hits, each hit divides the enemy parts in to so 23x2 = chomping enemies into 46 pieces... :joy:

just kidding, great video man...


46 rounds to 50. So therefore, 50 pieces :slightly_smiling_face:
Lol though just watch it get me disqualified XD




Nice vid, keep em coming.


Winners have been finalized and polls are open!



Ideals, Jack. What are yours?


Jack? I'm senator Armstrong! My ideals are to make America great again! You can't fret over every egg ya know.