MH World Update (spoilers)


Hello again. I was hoping to add an update to the other post I made but it seems to have auto-closed. If a moderator can reopen that one and move this topic over there that would be fine.

I just wanted to update anyone who is interested on my experiences with MH World on Liquidsky. I am hoping that some of this info will help people who are smarter than me find some optimal settings that can make the game play reliably.

The game still runs very smoothly on the Highest settings ALMOST all of the time. The exceptions being that the game freezes at some very predictable places. When this happens I have to shut down LS and restart it. I have gotten pretty good at avoiding some of the situations but some I have had to workaround.

There will be spoilers for some of the monsters and story below this point.

Story cutscenes that don’t have player interactive dialogue almost all freeze. I think there have been a few that didn’t but most of them did, and consistently at the same place each time. Monster intro cutscenes and all of the short cutscenes like the Canteen and Workshop have had no issues.

There are also two monsters that I have not been able to kill/capture without the game freezing up. Legiana and Kirin. Fighting these two monsters is the only time I have come across that the game freezes during actual gameplay. I could workaround the cutscenes by watching them on my wife’s very underpowered laptop and then saving, but killing Legiana is required for the story. I had a real fun time killing her on the laptop as my character reacted in slow motion trying to avoid a full speed enemy. I now just have to hope that none of the gear I desire needs parts from either of those monsters.

One thing that both Legiana and Kirin have in common is that they create a lot of bright particle effects in an already bright, location (Coral Highlands) so my thoughts are that perhaps the LS hardware is just unable to keep up with rendering. I am not an expert on this though so who knows. Unlike the cutscenes however the point at which the game freezes in these situations seems to vary.

I hope this information is helpful for anyone trying to play this on LS.

Secondly, I was wondering if the new Elite service would make any difference for these kinds of issues or if it just comes down to driver issues and not more power. I have wanted to upgrade to Prestige+ to test it out, but when I go to the Sky Store, I am not able to select it.

Thanks everyone. Also, how do I change my username on the forums?


Might be down to drivers (with regards to Elite- it’s just a performance bump compared to Gamer and Pro, as it gives you a large slice of performance from the server hardware [12 cores, 24 GB of RAM, and basically half of the GPU]), though some things are in the works with regards to improvements (drivers are also hopefully coming, Morgan is still pushing them internally but staff are also working on Enterprise projects [which include new hardware testing]).

To change your username on the forums, you can just let us know in this thread here (or via PM, doesn’t really matter):

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My bet here is probably not. Its likely due to drivers. Because if the game can run smoothly, I don’t see why it would crash at certain cutscenes. I have even tested FF XV (on pro) and even Far Cry 5 (elite) without any issues whatsoever. (Only Uplay complained about old drivers - but the game ran fine)


I just got Monster Hunter World working on the lowest plan (prestige plan) using only the special k mod to limit the cpu threads the games uses. More info here.


Thanks very much for the link. I will give this a try.