Minecraft Problem



It allows me to log into Liquidsky but as soon as I get into it and I try logging into Minecraft an error comes up “Could not connect to server”

Yes my connection is fine and yes Minecraft servers are up and running as usual, Saw another post on this that said it could be the hosting problem.

Any help will be appreciated.


Mojang has blocked all Softlayer IPs, and by extension all skycomputers. Nothing that can be done sadly in this case- even Morgan has tried reaching out a few times now and for now they will not unblock IPs (though staff are working on a potential indirect resolution if all goes well).


That’s a shame! I litterly brought this to play this game, Can I not run vpns etc to bypass this?


If you were to run a VPN in your skycomputer you will most likely run into streaming issues as the IP will change and the streamer breaks. Also not sure if it’s legal by virtue of the ToS/EULA to use a VPN for the game. Not that staff don’t want you to but sadly it happened :confused: It’s out of their hands.


Ok, I will give it ago anyway! Will give ya the result


Ay, I got minecraft working, thanks dude


Care to explain how you did that? :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll let you know when I’m home, Watch you lot fix it though :expressionless: