Minimum latency for cars games or fps?



I have tried to play to Dirt 3 on my LiquidSky computer.
The game seems good (in 720p 60 fps) but there is a few latency (around 30-35 ms) that make me miss some curves, because the acceleration is too delayed, and the car makes spins.
What is the minimum latency that allow to play correctly with cars games? (and for fps? I love Borderlands, there will be playable for me?

Big thanks!


Hello Opi

Are you sure it's 30-35ms? That's 2 frames at 60fps. I've played dirt rally for a while on my machine [no LS unfortunately] and even though I'm not the best player around, I think it takes a bit more than 35ms to miss a turn in racing game.
I would however see how 30-35ms latency would matter in an fps deathmatch.
Anyway, what is your latency to the server you are connected to?



Hello k.s,

Since I've posted this message, I've test Dirt with a wired controller (instead of bluetooth), and it makes the difference.
Bluetooth has very high delay.
It isn't a good deal for me because I love my bluetooth gamepad (Ipega 9023) but it works only via bluetooth.
But cars games are playables with Xbox 360 wired controller.

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Ah now, this makes sense.
Fortunately I am a happy racing wheel owner :smiley:

Thanks for clarification