Missing liquidsky


:sob: It has not even been a week since liquidsky closed and I already missed it :sob: goodbye liquidsky, come back soon, without you I cannot play anymore, I’m left only with a potato pc that is hardly enough to play super Mario 8 bit…


i miss liquidsky too. Its cool outside playing with tablet. I hope that big liquidsky makes play cheaper not again expensive. Wait wait wait gamerz must wait gamerz must wait for NO1. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO MAKE HERE AND SO AND READY IS NEW UPDATE UPGRADE OR WHAT ÄVER AAAHHHHHHHHH.
Ok can anyone say me when is finish that new liquidsky ?


Sale here bro i don’t have a good pc that can play games i feel you man hope LS comes back quick i can’t play any games at the moment without LS


Same here, its so sad