Mixed feelings Good & Bad



We are living in exciting times…

The Founders Club will be something I will be forced to purchase, if I continue to use the service. I am actually spending way more than $299 per year on current subscription(s) and having the chance to budget and be a VIP sounds cool… It’s like a purge of all the wasted storage/ credits and accounts as storage isn’t limitless or free.


I am sceptical of current service quality as the recent patch has caused issues when running at 1080p/60 fps and keeping a steady stream. I have good internet, a fairly recent laptop and the money I spend should be mirrored by the quality. I don’t know what will happen to my remaining credits once these changes have been implemented and I would like to know where I stand, more importantly where my credits stand.


The email you gotten would had stated where you stand at that time.

The new streamer update (which has been worked from scratch) didn’t work well for some people. It seems I’m not affected however others are. Issues like stuttering and pixelation as well as the bandwith cap being broken are going to be addressed with a fix come next update.


How horrible is it we have to wait without nay info how log we will actually wait? I am one of those people - quality of stream went down without me changing anything.


Its the long weekend (US). Likely won’t be worked on until Tuesday


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