Mobile keyboard not clickable


Unable to click escape button.
When you have to press the escape button on the liquidsky onboard keyboard on mobile, the liquidsky symbol icon is right on top of it.

Even worse. If you press the f1-f8 key, all the vital keys are replaced by f1, f2, etc keys. And to return to the vital keys display, you have to press a small return icon that is on the top right corner of the display on mobile. This icon cannot be clicked because it exists behind the android menu buttons. The on screen home, tab and return buttons on my huwaei y7 are overlapping this small icon that allows me to return to the escape, tab, ctrl, alt buttons, etc. So I have to close the entire computer and restart to have acces to the esc, ctrl, alt, tab, etc, buttons.

Which means, in game, you are stuck, untill you close the computer.


Hm, to my recollection, Esc is clickable. I never use these additional buttons thougn. Just use Hacker’s Keyboard from Google Play. Don’t worry, it’s not hacking anything, it just has the full range of keys, incldung Esc, Tab, all F keys, etc. And it’s 100% free


Hey cool thanks!

I have been looking for android keyboard apps for a long time xD

I really appreciate it.


You’re welcome. Make sure to set the keyboard theme to “Transperent” (tap app icon, then “Settings” -> “Theme and label settings”). Looks much nicer than the default bold one.