Monthly Packages


I was just wanting to voice my opinion on the monthly packages that are on offer in an attempt to open a discussion to see how they can be improved.

I am based in the UK and there are currently to different monthly packages available:

$20 - 5000 credits - 250credits/$1
$40 - 10500 credits - 262.5credits/$1

There are also the standard PAYG packages:

$10 - 1500 credits - 150credits/$1
$20 - 3150 credits - 157.5credits/$1
$30 - 6000 credits - 200credits/$1
$50 - 10000 credits - 200credits/$1
$100 - 22500 credits - 225credits/$1

This all makes sense when you first look at it, though for the customers which use a lot of credits monthly this can be abit unrewarding.

In my case, i have the $40 monthly package which means i pay $1 per 262.5 credits for the first 10500 credits i use in the month. The problem is i use more than this, i actually go through my monthly package very quickly and i am unable to have more than one monthly package activated which means i have to use the more costly methods of PAYG.

So lets say i use my $40 monthly package and want to top up another $20, i have to use PAYG which gives me 40% or so less credits per dollar I spend. I understand the PAYG is aimed at though who dont want to commit to paying a monthly fee but there is no options for the customers using monthly but to take the less valued PAYG options when they run out.

The long story short is I think that there should be more options for Monthly users, 2 packages probably isn’t enough for everyones usage. In my case i use much more and i should get the same or better value the more i spend rather than having to move to the less value for money packages because i am spending alot with the company.

This is not aimed as a complaint but more a constructive critism to get some changes made to better manage the very active users.

Please let me know your thoughts.



I’m going to take note of this. Very good suggestion. Thanks for sharing!


Great stuff thanks Morgan!