Monthly subscription ended after one day


Hello. A few days ago I bought a monthly subscription and the first day everything worked fine, I was able to change data centers and the computer had a 500 GB storage. But the next day the client showed that I have a subscription “Pay-As-You-Go,” and I couldn’t change data centers, although the sky computer still had 500 GB. I contacted customer service and they did nothing to solve my problem. Does anyone else have the same problem?


Can't change data centers


Xsolla confirmation


that is a band new one for me but I will bump this so it stays fresh and hopefully someone will be able to help you


Hey, that’s pretty unusual @tulpa671games - can you share your in-game username?


Our apologies for taking a bit long. This was escalated to me but I was out of the office for some days.
I will pass all the details to LSJack so we can resolve your problem.


Okay, it was a problem on Xsolla’s side. They returned me the money for the subscription. Thanks for the help!