More CPU Cores and SSDs


I'm not sure if this is a server related bug or something with in the client. I found with my brief experience using LiquidSky that the graphics card are strong, but the hard drive is weak and can't utilize the connection speed of the service, enough that I wasted a good hour just downloading a large game to fully test out the services performance.

Only to get into the game and to find out my skycomputer only had 1 core. On a CPU that is supposed tbe 8 cores/16 threads, where are the rest of the cores at? Surely on ultra/high skycomputers, this isn't intended to be normal, so maybe its a bug.. if its not, this really needs to change. a single 2.8ghz core is not enough to run any recent game at any decent frame rate.


Never seen this one core bug before.
From where have you downloaded this large game? Steam? If yes, steam never allowed me to download at full speed, but google has. If I'd get 30mb/s on steam I'd be lucky. During peak hours I get 10mb/s max. On the other hand, google drive allows me to download at 100+mb/s (160+ once a long time ago).


Yeah steam didn't seem to go above 25MBs, although I know people who have downloaded well above that. I can' tsay I had any games available on google drive to try the download speed. But its odd how i only had one usable core, enough that downloading in steam was putting the cpu at 80% usage. So was a fairly good waste of 2-3 hours of time.


The servers do have SSD's but suffer from slowdowns. The team has been working on it for months and as annoying as it is, it will get fixed eventually. They won't leave beta without the major bugs being fixed.

As for the CPU cores, these are server processors for virtual machines and not regular PC i-series processors. You don't get access to all of them. You get access to one or two depending on the plan you choose as do the other users on the same server blade as you until it is full. The same goes for the Grid GPU's. Also each core technically counts as 2 with hyperthreading.
We know the service is far from perfect but it is indeed very new tech that requires massive capital to invest in. The technology available for gaming server frameworks doesn't technically exist yet so performance won't be top notch. LS is in talks to get newer hardware and improve both speed and performance and if this sort of service blows up, we may start seeing the first dedicated gaming server gpu blades in a couple years or so

tl;dr: ssd bugs will get fixed before leaving beta
server cpu/gpu are shared between users
hardware available is far from perfect because there is no dedicated gaming server hardware.


I could see the suffering due to the way the technology is paired up. overall that was my general assumption based on how poorly steam seems to handle the available connection of the service. It's minor at best for me. After deleting the sky computer and acquiring another, the performace seemed a lot better. Steam is still limited however but I was reaching about 80mbs on Origin.

However, the shared GPU usage is fine, the gpus within the server setups are decent and should be able to maintain a decent amount of load regardless of their age. The amount of VRAM is very lacking however at 2gbs. so I don't think of them as one of the major issue currently at this very moment. Now, what is an issue is the CPU usage, there is no way, on the ultra plan that you could possibly play the newest games, at ultra settings on 1 cores / 1 hyperthreaded core. Not paired with the current gpu anyway, its a very big stretch.

No amount of hyperthreading will provide that sort of performance on such a low clocked core. This isn't even comparable to an i3 6xxx level of performance or even the very dated Phenom quad core level of performance, which is dated by most standards at this point unless you're running a 5 year old laptop as a comparison point.

For this program to be successful out of "beta", they all have to adjust the available core per virtual machine or they will fail for any gamer expecting an actual high end computer performance on any current AA or AAA title or something beyond the likes of a non system intensive game.

Don't get me wrong from what testing I did manage to do, it ran great for running something like say the first Tomb Raider remake from 2013 on normal settings and hitting about a comfortable 60fps. However for ultra tier plans, people will except high to ultra tier performance which currently isn't there in more modern games.

More so if anyone was to look at this as an option to set up a streaming dedicated machine.

As someone potentially interested in investing time into it for my own personal use and as someone who is considering future partnership, I am invested in doing the ground work and personally testing something before I recommend it to other. This is coming in at a solid "maybe". Once their systems get more vrams on the gpus, and they reach at least quad core level for the cpus, then I would say definitely. I know quite a few people that could use this. but again, I'm making sure to check that the limited CPU for this virtual machine isn't a bug, because it seems kind of lacking with the hardware.

So here's hoping for some new hardware set up soon, a service like this is greatly needed.