Mouse cursor doesn't change in WoW (Mac Client)


Hi all,

In World of Warcraft, the mouse cursor doesn't change in certain instances. For example, when putting the cursor over a recently downed enemy, a "bag" icon should appear over the cursor, but it just stays as a generic black mouse. Also, the default "armored hand" mouse cursor doesn't show up.

I'm on the most recent Mac client.


That's because it's showing your local mouse pointer and not the ingame hand cursor. It's not as much a bug as it is a limitation of the client in order to not make you go crazy by seeinng a laggy mouse follow your cursor


I see, thank you for the explanation.


No problem. Just to add though. We don't know yet but maybe, just maybe, the new client will be able to show the skyCursor and thus the interactive pointers. We'll have to wait to see.