Mouse F12 issue



I can’t press f12 to lock the mouse. I’ve tried to delete pc. Then it works the first time, but after pc restart I cant lock the mouse making many games unplayable.

I’ve tried the Chrome alt+tab solution without sucsess.

Pls help!


See if you can hit F11 twice and then hit F12 after.
If that doesn’t work use the on screen keyboard in the meantime as a workaround until its sorted out.


F11 method doesnt works. OSK doesnt works. The button in ls menu top left doesnt work.


Its a known bug.Its very sad to see the developers cant even fix this small but big issue.The trick is that run your game on Liquidsky and open the on screen keyboard app on your local PC (Type it on search bar) click on any random keys in the virtual keyboard,then go back to the Liquidsky Client.Now it should work fine.I am using this every time when i need to play.Try it.

Mouse still not wokring

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