Mouse has a to long reation Time



Hello Everybody. First things first. I LIKE Liquidsky. But there is a lil problem makes me sad. All Games work fine even with 24 M/bits. Only my Mouse has Problems with the MS. The Build of the Game is clean and all commands i type while the game work instantly, expect the Mouse. there is a very big lag bout 50 up to 100 ms only on High Settings start up with 18 M/Bits. I do have 500 M/Bits internet Speed. I dont know where the Problem is. Need some Help or at least tips. Thank you all


I would recommend running a Trace Route to your skycomputer (guide is below)- sounds like it might be something with your ISP routing your connection. This is under the assumption that your system is up to par with the official minimum requirements (though there is a bug with the client/streamer that causes delay even on my system, which is comfortably above minimums- staff are aware of this but it takes time as it involves multiple parts of the streamer sadly [the current workaround is to disable Hardware Acceleration and run the client not in fullscreen]):


Thanks for the fast answers. I will try it with non full screen.
I do have a i5 3230 2.6 GHZ, a GeForce 730M and 8GB of RAM on Win10


Hmm- check if your Nvidia card is running the client, but I think it should by default (on a GT 720M myself) under Nvidia Control Panel.