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Hi, I would like you to fix the way using a mouse and keyboard works on android client as I’m using more than one android box mainly to beta test liquidsky android client…I’m in the process of beta testing on a amazon firestick 2nd Gen and a nvidia shield tv…there’s two problems I’ve found while using the android client on these two devices, first problem there’s a minor delay in input while using a Xbox one game pad connected by Bluetooth in call of duty world at war the right and left analog stick has a delay (slightly delayed) if I try to play call of duty world at war with mouse and keyboard connected by wireless dongle on the android client I will also have a slight delay in keyboard key presses (slightly delayed) and the mouse will not allow you to look around in the game correctly and the left and right click on the mouse also does not work as it should You have to click and hold to accomplish a left or right click or to drag select…while beta testing the liquidsky windows client using the same Xbox one controller connected by Bluetooth and the same mouse and keyboard connected by wireless dongle playing the same game call of duty world at war I have zero issues everything works as it should…so it’s only the android client with these problems when using on android box/stick…

Buggy Mouse Behaviours In LS Android Client 0.4.9

Avoid using Bluetooth at all costs unless its Bluetooth 5.0. Go with OTG…

Mouse support isn’t really supported very well on Android at the moment.

What brand or name is the Android box/stick? Its not one of those chinese ones right? If it is then you are SOL as support for those devices are basically non existent.
There are plans to make an Android TV app for devices like Android TV boxes and the Nvidia Shield but Mac client is a bit of a priority instead…


Hi, yes I would like a android tv client if that will fix these mouse keyboard issues…I will try otg for game pad…thank you


Hi, just updated android client…now the keyboard and mainly mouse does work more not a 100% yet but it’s getting there the left and right click seems (need to test more) to work as it should the only thing left to fix is drag selecting you still have to click and hold left mouse button for a short period before drag selecting something…please fix this as soon as possible I want mouse and keyboard fully functional like in windows client so I can buy loads of sky credit to play games that can only be played with a mouse and keyboard a good example of these types of games is homeworld remastered and guild wars 2…can’t forget Star Trek online another good game that you really need to play using mouse and keyboard

Edit: one other needs fixing…when double clicking left mouse button it preforms a right click, so that also needs to be fixed…


That one might be a bit tricky since that’s how its always like it for a lot of Android apps (plus its system wide). Right now LS focus is getting the game crashes fixed so people can play their games they wanted to play.



Update: Forgot but Android Oreo allows mouse pointer capture. If this gets implemented in LS Android client, then games will be fully playable with M/KB on Android instead of being stuck with the weird android system cursor behavior which you were described above
So in order for that to happen your phone must have Android 8.0 and the app being compatible. Sadly only 0.3% of the Android users are running Oreo so it might be a while before LS adds it to the API.

Even the Samsung Galaxy S8 doesn’t have Oreo right now… For now its the Google Pixel…

EDIT: More info here since its a bit technical to explain:

JoyToKey on skycomputer with Pc/Android

Hi, i don’t know if this helps any…I also use Microsoft rdp app on the same two android stick/box I’ve been testing liquidsky android client on, Microsoft rdp app is Microsoft’s official Remote Desktop client for android, I’m using it with the same mouse and keyboard used to test liquidsky connected thru wireless dongle and the mouse and keyboard works a 100% as it should as for example left-right click, double left click and drag selecting. It does not require a rooted device or anything special also on a side note you can redirect local storage so my android box/sticks storage drive shows up as a drive on the remote pc I’m accessing so I can move/copy/browse files between the two…my question can liquidsky android team implement these things into liquidsky client it’s being done right now in the Microsoft rdp app for android…using the mouse to pan around in the game is a whole other hurdle as of right now it appears it’s too sensitive to movement of the mouse but on the other hand I hear there’s apps like moonlight and remotr that has no problem accomplishing this but In my opinion there inferior to liquidsky and a waste of time and money…


No sadly the only way is for Android 8 to become the mainstream and LS adding the API to the app in order for it to work fully…


Hi, ok…I understand, Thank you…

Edit: it seems one of my android device the nvidia shield tv will receive the android 8 Oreo update sometime soon, so yes I will be waiting for liquidsky to make these changes at some point…