Mouse 'Lag/Bug'?


When I moving with keyboard it works smooth but mouse/touch pad not. To see what is the point of problem watch video below.
On my second PC all works fine.(Problem is on Laptop)
Changing to 720p 30fps does not help.
Connected via Ethernet Cable.
All driver are update.
Touch pad works too bad.
Internet connection 100Mbit/30Mbit.
Local ping: 7ms, Ping to Frankfurt: 50ms
Changing decoding does not help.
I tried Leatrix_Latency_Fix.
The problem occurs in any game where I have to use the mouse.

Any ideas?



Have you tried turning on/off the "Gamer mouse" option ? it could be caused by this. If the problem still persists try to contact the support


I have the same problem playing Resident evil 7, i can use ASWD for move but cant use mouse for click any option in menu and move the camera.

Thanks for help


No change still mouse movement is not smooth


I suggest you contact the support then, i´m sure they´ll try their best to solve this :slight_smile:


What kind of mouse are you using? I think it can be Apple's magic mouse and magick trackpad. Try something else. You can get a cheap Logitech model for 2-3 bucks if you don't have other options.


I found solution!

I do not use apple devices. Tried all 3 mouses and on all of them movement was not smooth. Then I turn off my antivirus Kaspersky and all movements are smooth. This was antivirus fault.