Mouse not responsive, Really bad FPS Even though i have 50mbps! i will Charge back my money


So, i just bought 3000 credits and i chose the 4/min version that is advertising " play all games " instead of the “play most games” 2credits/minute cause i dont want to play the low spec games like CSGO and LOL.

Even though i paid for the “play all games” version fortnite got REALLY LOW FPS all settings at low and i get like 30-50, the mouse isnt even working, once im in game i cant shoot look arround etc.

I have 50mbps steady connection and in my skysettings i set it to FULL HD 18mbps.

This is unnaceptable and i will proceed to a dispute via PayPal to get my money back if my issue isnt fixed, i havent even used 1/3 of my credits, hell, not even 1/5 and this is 100% not as advertised.


To start, I wouldn’t recommend charging back your purchase- you will be banned from XSolla (the third party company which handles payments for this service) and that may prove to be an issue if you need to use XSolla at any point in the future (this service is but one out of many which rely on XSolla).

Couple of factors at play here- internet speed is but one part of your streaming experience. When it comes to services like this, it is much more than simply speeds, but also the following (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Local device specifications (shouldn’t be an issue for the most part, assuming your system is running the requisite OS and chip that are listed as the minimums before you download the .exe)
  • Connection Medium (Are you connected to the internet via wired or wireless? What kind of wireless connection are you using? [I mean 2.4/5 GHz- 2.4 GHz is bound to have lots of interference, and as good as 5 GHz can be, there will still be instances where you can have jitter and other issues])
  • Distance to datacenter/Connection routing (For example, connecting to HK from NY just doesn’t work, nor does it help if your ISP decides to route your connection in a funny way [ie- if you’re connecting to Frankfurt from Germany, you would expect that your ISP to route you within Germany. In some cases you may be routed to the Netherlands, and then back to Germany because reasons :man_shrugging: ])
  • “Feeling” a lower FPS due to stream difficulties vs actually low FPS in the skycomputer (an easy way to check would be to use something like the Steam Overlay or Fraps which can tell you in-game FPS)

This is what I can think of off the top of my head in your case- until there is more information (some of this can be gathered by enabling stream statistics in the stream settings [click on the LS logo as if you were trying to change quality settings and it should be there- giving a quick screenshot/picture of this can give one a general idea of what’s going on]) there simply isn’t a very easy way to tell what your issue is.


Just to chime in here. Some games need you to turn off “gamer mouse mode” in the LiquidSky UI. Some games have an issue with that for whatever reason. I also see you’re connected to the Frankfurt server with a ping of 20+ MS. That can contribute to some delay, but should still be playable.

It’s possible to get over 100 FPS on Fortnite. See below video.