Moveable Liquid Sky icon


Can you make the icon move around.

So then I can see the map on some of my games.




We will work on an option to move the menu icon in the near future.
It is not a priority right now but we will definitely implement some feature to either hide it completely or move it.


Some games allow you to relocate the mini map.
You might want to look into that until the icon can be relocated.


Agreed. It sits right on top of important info in GTA V. Ugh!


it would be nice if it would at least drop opacity when you are not hovering over it.


I use to press F12 to make it invisible sometimes but this hides the mouse which causes inconvenience.
I would recommended, assigning a button to hide this HUD.


@mlisky it should be top priority. This is a game breaking design flaw. A lot of games specially mmos have stuff you have to click around the screen. I currently have three such games where I have to jump through hoops just to click one thing. Please make this top priority and fix this.


Would be awesome: moveable or timeout hidden until screen touch if controller attached.