Music for gaming!


Hi everybody! Does any of you does listening to music like I do when playing? Especially hard games? If yes, can we share some music all together?


I start telling you that I like every kind of music! But of course there are preferences…
I prefer metal, rock, pop, rap, and TRAP! And this is my favorite band and it’s song!:

Note that I’m Italian but I love only American and English music!

Now it’s your turn! GO


TBH, I don’t listen to music while gaming at all. Rpgs like Witcher 3 or Skyrim usually have beautiful soundtracks themselves, and in Fortnite, I need to hear where the players are.

But I do always listen to music while I’m reading, and that can be quite weird. I like rather complex stuff, it somehow relaxes me. For example, when I read ready Player One, I listened to this here:


Same here (I don’t listen to music when I game). I do play music when I play Hearhstone or maybe Shadowverse (otherwise its off when I need to concentrate)


Of course some rpg does have really good soundtrack… But let’s take DRAGON BALL as an example… In a SURVIVAL MODE… Wouldn’t you like to play when listening to very powerful, maybe dubstep, music?

Ps: I relax my self listening to music when studying too!


For example, you can listen to SKRILLEX when f**ing around on GARRY’S MOD SANDBOX LOL

(I don’t listen to music when I need to concentrate. But, when I don’t need it, I will always play some nice song, depending on the game! Stay this way for dragon Ball, in the end for Watch dogs, skrillex for gmod, etc)


Usually not listening music while i play, but when i do it’s Five Finger Death Punch.



The only time I really listen to music while playing is for Elite Dangerous. And then it is mainly some Space stuff like the “Space Radio” on Spotify




Nice! Thank you all! Now let’s talk about GTA… Does anybody listens to music when exploring the city and when doing anything that isn’t a mission? Lol


Ofc. Los Santos rock radio always.


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