My Account got downgraded out of the blue!?


I was minding my own business on my SkyPC I loaded up my modpack on my skypc went AFK for like 5 mins and came back to see my sky PC had turned off/giving connection error? and when coming off that screen it was saying "create skypc" and my account had been downgraded from unlimited to pay as you go without any manual doing or requests from me! I purchased this Unlimited subscription around the 12/13th of this month and have only had it around 4-5 days not even a week and I've lost it for whatever reason. This is really quite annoying as the price if through the roof and that money isn't pocket change.


Hey SirOMGitsYOU,

Feel free to message me your LiquidSky Account Email and I will personally remedy the issue for you~

We apologize for the inconvenience as we are currently in the midst of various updates to our servers in preparation for our future launch in March.

Thank you


Sorted, I've PM;d you @LiquidSkyJustin


Yeah, this happened to me a month ago. And I had been charged $40 too, Sky wiped completely.
Liquid Sky had no record of my payment, Xoalla had no record off my payment. I had to cut and paste a copy of my bank account record to prove that money had been taken out of my account. Then the higher up guy turned me back on.
I was about ready to fill a fraud claim with my bank to get my money back. That wouldn't have been funny for Xoalla or LS.
But no more for me, thank you. I got a sweet Dell gaming laptop. Local for me, no more Cloud Computing or Daas/GaaS. I'm just hanging out to make sure they don't try to charge me even though I cancelled my account. See ya.