My Account is pending since yesterday why


I just signed up yester january 6 and till today i did not recieve any code or access to my account


As per the FAQs, free beta keys are given out as slots become available. Paying customers obviously get priority for the slots, and since it really isn't very expensive (esp if you get the Pay as You Go option) to try the paid service, I can imagine the slots get taken up by paying customers faster than beta slots become available.

I suspect there's quite a list of people waiting for a free key... I waited a few days and just decided to buy 10 credits. I am not regretful of that act... :wink:


do they accept paypal?


Xsolla handles LS payments and that system should have paypal since it has many other options though I don't think anyone can buy subscription past the 6th into the beta since they closed it until they come out of it in Feb/March.


how could use this then if i need to wait till that day?


Officially beta is closed since 6 Jan... They're letting us existing customers playon, but aren't selling any more new subs until release...

So I guess you have to wait until Feb/March :flushed:

It seems weird to not keep on selling subs, but for every x amount of subscribers they need to set up new servers, and investing in a solution they will be migrating away from doesn't make sense.

I really feel bad for you just missing out... Had you known when you enrolled, you could have still purchased a subscription to get you going until release... :pensive:

(BTW: here (Europe) yesterday was 7 Jan... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)