My advice on LQS 2.0


Hi LQS Staff and others guys,
I want to post my advice on LQS situation here.
I have been very patient since the LQS migration from 1.0 to 2.0.
But today, I find the time particularly long.

There is two weeks, I wanted to log on my computer, but impossible.
I had to reset my SkyComputer, reinstall an older version of the LiquidSky (Android) client to access my desktop, and reinstall everything.
I logged in last weekend to check that my desktop had not been reset, everything was ok, but no time to play, I normally shut down my session after a few minutes.
But yesterday (and the day before yesterday, and today), I can not connect to Android.
If I want to connect, do I have to reset? That I reinstalle a former Android client? Again and again?

I do not have much time to play, if I have to change to Mac Gyver as soon as I want to play, it becomes very complicated.

I have more than 19000 credits, (since LQS 1.0, plus the credits I bought in PAYG at the reopening of the service and the credits offered by your team for helping debug), and I can not use!

I feel more and more discouraged, and I think seriously about turning to your competitor (working natively on my tablet), which, although it does not offer many choices in the games, allows me to play fully after 30 seconds of loading without having to tinker every time.

I’m hoping for better access to your service (which now works fine, as long as you can log in), but I confess I no longer believe it after the announcement of the shutdown of the servers of Milan. (I’m connected to Frankfurt).

Finally, I am one of those who think that the addition of a “free” access by the viewing of pub is a mistake, because it bridges the users paying (like me) saturating the servers and bring a lot of complications for the good functioning of the service, as well as that of the forum. (I follow the forum since the beginning, and I note that since migration, access “free” has created a huge multiplication of multiple and unnecessary topics.

Finally, I apologize for the size of this post, and I want to apologize in advance if this position was badly received by the LQS team.
There is no rancor or aggressiveness in this post, I only want to explain in detail where my lassitude comes from expectations your services.

Best regards,

NB: I used the automatic translator of google, forgive me in case of faults! :wink:


yeah, i also have that problem, whenever i wan’t to use liquidsky, i have to reset my SkyPC…
LiquidSky, please fix it


Still tho the “free” is what makes liquidsky different from its competitors!


Can I have a list of company that provide the same service? I being looking into moving to something better as well. They are literally stealing my money and time. It takes 5 days to get a reply from them. They demoted to me as an Ad-Supported user from P-A-Y-G. Then some stupid bug wiped out my 1k credits, and they reimburse me 200 credits. Bugs after bugs nothing has been done. I being here for 6 months, I see no improvement but total degrade in the service. I could never complete a session of game while playing on LS.


Linking to other services is not allowed on this forum, just a heads up.