My experience after 1 month


So, I bought the best package at liquidsky about 1 month ago and here is my review:
I paid like 30$ for what seemed to be a good option for playing in the cloud, but it was probably the worst experience i’ve had while gaming.
You’re told when hours you should try because the service just oversells and its unsuable at some hours, i’ve had lagg spikes that frozen the client for 30 seconds easily.
The image quality is just bad, it looks like a distorter was put in the middle of your screen, plus there are visual buggs that do not update the image properly and you see parts of the screen being stuck.
i did think at first it could have been an issue on my end so i reached support, it was not just slow but also useless. I was told to change settings that i already had configured properly, and after few replies they just stopped giving further help.
Result? I probably played for like 3 hours in 1 full month.
Finally, in case any of you were condering, i’ve 300Mbps fiber w/ low latency, so it was not an issue on my end.


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