My experience with LS


I wanted to what a little bit before writing this, so far I've been using LS(the unlimited plan/ ultra mode) for 2 weeks and its been amazing, I'm really really really surprises on how smooth its been running for me, the only problem I've have is: the occasional connection mouse lag/bugs, Xbox box one controller bugs or just bad controller bugs in general and bad latency, which i fix by getting 100mbps/ 10 MB/s internet. I do fill like LS is an is amazing software that 1000's of people will enjoy using, but it still has a very very long ways to go. I will enjoy continuing using LS and hope it keeps getting better and better until its release :slight_smile::slight_smile::+1::+1::+1:


Gotta throw my 2 cents into this too xD

1st impression was anything but good the system ate my money and yielded me no plan and geting touch with the customer service was hellish.


once u got in touch with it and u get to use the system u start to forget the bad. The customer support seems to care for its customer base they probably have way too much on their plate since there is a lot of people wanting to get into the cloud and its still a beta so issues are bound

none the less i got some skycredits for my customer support troubles wich was a nice touch afterall i had lost some gaming time in order to trying to catch the support

on the service on self i was really skeptical weather this was gona work for me at all i live aproxmily 1550 km away from nearest datacenter that being the frankfurt center. But for my suprise the service works flawlesly latency isnt bad there are no frame drops no stuttering nothing its just as smooth as with my y700 gaming laptop.

games that i have been playing include wow (works like charm on a high plan in game settings at 8), path of exile, overwatch , paladins , borderlands 2 and shadow of mordor. eaven the shooters work expectionally well for me.

anyways my current plan is to get rid of my gaming machine and use my shitty tabletop pc to play games with liquidsky im seriosly that impressed with it and the fact that i now days carry ps3 controller with me in case i get bored to play games on my phone using liquidsky tells a lot x)

gj guys u won a urself a customer eaven tho the 1st impression was beyond terrible :smiley: