My Issues with the service


So, I've been following liquidsky for quite a while, and just recently bought my first 20 credits (all I had before was from the beta, promotions, etc...) and I gotta say, this is the first time the service is close to being usable, but still has quite a lot of issues.

Here's my list in no particular order:

1- The payment options are kinda buggy. The Brazilian(my country) Paypal option doesn't seem to work, the payment never gets processed after I enter my account info. I had to change the country to US for it to work.

2- I live in São Paulo, the same city as the LS server and have a 100Mbit download connection rated by the app as 100/100, and the latency is nearly unnoticeable. BUT STILL I have some terrible freezes of 5 seconds or so every once in a while, and can barely get half bar of quality before getting some artifacting and freezing. This is the biggest issue for me, because a low bitrate makes games look really bad, and a higher bitrate adds a lot of stutter. Also, the AUTO option is completely broken.

3- I cant for the life of me get my keyboard to behave. I've changed the layout and I still cant type this /

4- The hardware itself doesn't seem all that great. I have very poor FPS in some games, but then again I'm using the High plan, not Ultra.

5- The client crashes a lot. And I mean A LOT. Resize the window a couple times = crash. Entering fullscreen = crash. Sometimes for no aparent reason. Sometimes the mouse glitches too, and that forces me to restart the client. And if I try to run it on my Dedicated GPU it bluescreens my computer.

6- I Just tried liquidsky on my computer with a NVIDIA GPU and the CUDA decoder doesnt work

On the brightside: the latency has never been better, I get about 15-20ms in total. The DXVA is finally working again (on Intel 4000 GPU only) and the stuttery framerate is gone, so if you manage to fix those issues, you will have an amazing service with millions of potential (happy) customers ^^