My skycredit bug and the mouse drama


Hello. My name is Justin, as you may know,by my title you should guess what is happening.
First of all, I can’t use my skycomputer correctly in some games like ETS2 (euro truck simulator) because my mouse is not letting me do something. I press F12 and nothing happens.
But that is not everything, I pay monthly 19.99 USD in order to play my games, I always play in the 1/per minute mode because my games are not that fancy ;v
So, what is happening is that I used to have 2,060-2,090 skycredits, and I turned off my skycomputer AND my PC, and now skycredits are at 1,147. Almost 1k skycredits lost and nobody knows how. When I enter the app, it does not says that my skycomputer was on, so it wasn’t on, and its impossible that I could waste almost 1k minutes playing, I average play 90-120 minutes so I just waste like 120 skycredits/day.
Can someone PLEASE help me understand this situation? I contacted Liquidsky team but NOTHING happened.
HELP. That is my money! I’m very upset with that.


Generally support is active- though I’m not currently aware of any back-ups in terms of email load. Support should be getting back to you when they can about your skycredit issue.

ETS2 might be resolvable with the alt-tab workaround. Have another window open in your skycomputer (ie: Google Crhome). When your game launches, alt-tab to that window, press F12, and then alt-tab back into your game.


I believe I already replied to your email a few hours ago so please check your email.


Yes I saw, and I don’t know how to answer.
So, yesterday I didn’t use my skycomputer, and didn’t use it Thursday too. Why? The mouse problem
All I was doing is turning it on and off to see if I could play, but nothing so I let it stay like that, but obviously my skycomputer was off. Also, when I went to the app again the skycomputer wasn’t on, so there is no point why that would happen.
I’m right now using it, with 1,041 skypoints right now and I’m still upset because again, that’s my money. I lost nearly 1000 skycredits. The last time I saw my correct amount of skycredits it was 2,062 or something on Thursday.
By the way, the mouse thing is now resolved. But I’m guessing it will happen as soon I want to play again tomorrow.


I was checking your logs and there was a 10 minute differential when you turned it off and your SkyComputer got turned on again and then that was the session that ate up 916 SkyCredits to be exact. The client will not automatically connect to your SkyComputer not unless you initiated the connection to it. So either you did not waited for it to shutdown completely and it eventually connected or it was still attempting to connect when you left your computer.

Did you closed the client after shutting down your SkyComputer?


Yes I did close it.
Actually, I remember what happened very good before that. I was using my phone and let the computer like that, with the app open but with the skycomputer off. Then I was turning it down (my pc) and I left it like that till the next day, when I saw that huge amount of skycredits lost. I first turned off the skycomputer (because I was trying to turn it on and off until I could play) and the last time I let the app open in my desktop but with my skycomputer off. Then I stopped using my phone, close the app and turn down the my computer.


Can you rephrase the sequence of that again since you added another scenario but not the last session where you turned off just the SkyComputer.


The last session I turned of my skycomputer, I got upset and frustrated because my mouse didn’t worked, So I stopped trying, left the computer like that for some minutes because I was using my phone, but the skycomputer was off. (Or maybe it was on but I turned it off before closing the app)
Also, my app always notify me when the skycomputer is still on before closing it, so obviously I wouldn’t ignore that.
I guess you understand now.


You sure the client was closed? Since if it was closed, it will automatically log out your SkyComputer if you left it on.


Yes it was, And what the app do is that it notify me when the skycomputer is still on. I never saw it doing it automatically.


When you mean the app, you are saying the Windows Client?


I’m meaning the liquidsky app.


But how can it notify you if you said you closed it?