My Thoughts on Shutdown


tl;dr Liquid Sky I think you’re full of crap

So, I’m curious why you feel that your user base shouldn’t abandon you forever.
As someone who was also an OnLive member, I have to say I’m pretty much ready to give up on cloud gaming, and I don’t hold Liquid Sky in very high esteem.

  1. With only a few short weeks notice this could be considered nothing less than rude.
  2. Waving a big flag and saying “something awesome is coming”. Yeah right, like no one has heard that before.
  3. With no target for a new release, only a vague “it’ll be a LONG time away”, good customer service would be pointing users to some alternatives that might tide them over until the “next big thing”. Instead you bleep the competition… WHAT competition? You’re out of the game.

I’m curious how you think you didn’t just crap all over your user base and how you think any one of us with a shred of self worth and decency would ever give your company a chance again?

Background: When I signed up for the monthly plan the android client wasn’t quite there for me and I looked at other solutions. I kept the monthly plan because I had some hope I would be able to log in/out at some time (or let my kids use it as a secondary computer). I canceled my monthly plan at the kill switch because I have over 26,000 credits and use maybe 100 a month. I’m not a power user, and I never used the full potential (mostly because it wasn’t quite to the level I needed it) but I did have hope it would be there some day. No more.

Something New is Coming
NDA's sux booty

This is the kind of negative behavior I asked people to veer away from in my original post.

  1. We understand that it’s short notice. That is why we are issuing refunds.
  2. This is an opinion based comment, so nothing I can really say about it.
  3. We aren’t going away as you seem to believe and therefore, we won’t be recommending any competing services. That being said, we are big supporters of cloud gaming as a whole and there are plenty of communities that you can be a part of where you can learn about the various services and much much more.

If this stems from you being upset about your SkyCredit balance, please feel free to reach out to support. If you want to vent, you can message me directly. I’m more than happy to discuss the situation (as much as I can) with you 1:1. Please keep these kinds of negative comments off this topic and off the forums as they aren’t constructive.


It seems somewhat disingenuous to say that you asked people to veer away from negative (posts) after doing something many people will find negative.

  1. I’ll admit that refunds seems like a decent first step.
  2. Sure you can. You’ve given these people nothing but a promise of hope. While I consider myself a hopeful guy, you’ve given nothing. I understand that you probably aren’t allowed to give anything, but in the face of nothing I expect nothing (as that is what the world has taught us).
  3. Short of you’re coming up with in a month, you’re going away for a long time. When I had time to game (and I obviously don’t with the amount of sky credits I have floating around) more than a few days would have bummed me out. More than a month would be unacceptable. So yeah, you may emerge from your cocoon as a butterfly, but I don’t see why you can’t let others point out caterpillars they have tried and liked.

To be honest, I don’t really care about my sky balance. I pretty much wrote off that money long ago as I just don’t have the time / access I would need to use it. What I’d like to vent against is what I consider some level of unprofessionalism. Maybe LS didn’t have the capital to continue. Maybe they’ve been given the opportunity of a life time to partner up with a big player and make the next internet. I don’t know. I don’t have any answers so all I can judge LS by is the treatment of their users, and it’s not good.
I’d also like to disagree that negative comments are bad. These are the kinds of things that cause companies to reevaluate their direction and maybe find a better way.
I dunno. Maybe stop development but keep the servers running. Stop all monthly plans and no way to renew sky credits. It seems like there should have been a better way.
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Lets just all go to ■■■■■■ its funny whenever i so lets go look at ■■■■■■ will we what for lq new serve the take dow my post. Your not letting me sorport there serve wich i was a 1st supporter of ls the frist day it started now it gone. So i suggest a program like theres and just cuz thay dont like it the say not you cant post othere programs


Y are you guys blocking peoples voice how will a company better thim self if thay cany take criticism. I love lq just not the treatment


You can criticize without naming the competition. We know who you’re talking about.


All I will say is that even for the competitor you name they don’t generally allow competitor discussion; it is general etiquette. You don’t go to China to get advice on making American food- same concept applies here.


Finding out that they quietly are shutting down was utter heart breaking. When they do come back up under a new name how will we find the company? Will the information be posted on the website? On Reddit? I just would like some information as to where to be looking.

Any ideas???


Moved only due to the opinionated nature of your topic title.

Staff will update the website with an email signup- we will receive updates via email, probably when the new service is close to release.


Bunch of yahoos. This is why nobody has confidence in cloud gaming.

Something New is Coming

Another “also-ran.” Who couldn’t see this coming?

Cant buy liquidsky credits

Think what you wish- but take it as it is given- there’s not a lot unfortunately. Not that staff don’t want to share more, but this is as much as will be for now. There’s a LOT that goes into things; complexities to such a situation that merit some consideration, as with many things in life (such as your own identity or occupation).


No interest in causing issues! Just wish we weren’t left in the dark. Eager to get going again.


You’ll be able to put your email on a list from our website and stay up-to-date on what’s happening. We just have to update the site with that form… :thinking:


As mentioned to the support, it feels like a pretty crazy thing (on the business side) to stop an entire service with a 2 day notice, without the new service being in place or even detailed at all, no matter how good it is.
Can’t think of a better way to send everyone to the competition - there are a bunch of other solutions out there…
But that’s not really my/our problem anymore… !

Anyway, will keep an eye on updates, and there might be good reasons, but just thought I’d give my thought on the customer satisfaction / frustration pov.

Good luck with Massive user requests

Something New is Coming

There was a 7-day notice via email, Discord, and the post in the community. Not to say that things didn’t move quickly, but that’s why active users are getting refunds! Definitely stay tuned on what’s coming down the pipeline. We’re looking forward to it!


Will the forum remain operative?


You guys left Mac users in the dark, who were already in dark. Because gaming mac is too expensive and never enough. Why isnt Mac a priority? I hope the new product keeps mac and windows at same priority. Is there some chance? And how long is dark mode supposed to last? I have been waiting for 2 years to run liquid sky on my mac and now 2 more years?

Something New is Coming

Well I´m not getting my refund. Very difficult to stay positive at this point. Liquidsky has been one big disappointment and the way the company is handeling this ´new phase´ feels to me like nothing but a scam. Zero compensation so you lost me as a customer. I will be sure to communicate my experience when the new service goes live to warn others what they are getting into. Best of luck.

Something New is Coming

I expected something ´new´ was coming but a shutdown within a couple of days where all customers lose - everything - was definitely a surprise for me.

  • Why promise the driver update is ´just around the corner´ - for months on - when a shutdown was coming.
  • Why communicate about a hardware upgrade - before the end of the year - when a shutdown was coming.
  • Why change the pricing model - when a shutdown was coming.

I´m sure the biggest reason for all this is because many users have thousands of credits and Liquidsky wants to get rid of them. They tried it by changing the policy around credits expiring but we got mad. This is plan B: remove all of them and start over. Problem solved.