My Video Of Hitman 2016 On LiquidSky


Hai Friends ,here is my youtube video, a gameplay of Hitman 2016 on liquidsky.Please watch it.Its on gamer mode and in ultra settings.Hope you enjoy it…


Nice. Very Nice. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing! Making me want to buy that game now :joy:


It has one of the best missions with great graphics, really enjoyable.I couldn’t have played this game on my pc without liquidsky…


Is the game broken out into “chapters” like a Telltale game?


I think it has no chapters like in Absolution,It’s like a series of missions.Unlike in older Hitman series we get a list of ways to kill the targets.


I believe the game is a glimpse of Agent 47’s past. Just a guess, though. :roll_eyes:


Min 1:04

Stop torreting games you can get banned…