Need a beta key? (Already Taken)


First person to reply gets it! I will PM it to you. :slight_smile: Please do not take it if you do not need it.


hello,I need one beta key, pls


Congrats its yours! Please let the community know this is not a scam after you use it :slight_smile:


ok,thx :tada: :tada::tada:


Its sent; gotta go eat. Enjoy LS now!





Glad your here. Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:


I think you dont have any spare key left :slight_smile: ?

Wanna try it on my Ubuntu Linux machine, to see if this a good solution to play Windows only games.
But i want to test it first, before i spend mony on this service :slight_smile:




Hi I'm new here can I get a beta key


Sorry guys but I only had one beta key to give away :slight_smile: I had just earned it from a contest and got 1 beta key and I had beta access already so that is why I gave this one away.


Can you give me please


Please give me a beta key please please