Need a code maybe for 10 minutes to test if it work on my pc thank you


need a code maybe for 10 minutes to test if it work on my pc thank you


Sorry, but free trials have been removed because that feature was being heavily abused. Cheapest option to test is the 10$ one-off pay,ment, with no subscription and no further obligation.

You can check if it’s worth a try by some parameters:

  1. your distance to the nearest data center (Frankfurt, London, Washington, Dallas, San Jose, Hong Kong), should be within 1.500 km / 1.000 miles
  2. your local internet speed (ping, download, upload according to, should be above 10 Mb/s dl, 1 Mb/s ul, with ping as low as possible
  3. your connection type: ideally ethernet or 5 GHz wifi
  4. your system specs (Intel HD 4000 or better, though HD 2000 might suffice unofficially, cpu with QuickSync feature or similar / Android smartphone with gpu faster than Snapdragen 410 / Mali MP-400).


I’m more than 2000 kilometers away from the Frankfurt data center, and my ping is 45-55ms. It feels like I’m playing on my own computer without any delay. While my download/upload speed is 100 mb/s, I get about 15-20 to Frankfurt, and that’s more than enough for 720/60/16.


say not ist enough!!! I´m only 50 KM away from Frankfurt have a ping 9-14ms my Internet- 150mbits down 20mbits up and many many many Times it sooo “laggy” screen

and i test many Setups from 720P 30FPS and Qualityslider only @ 1mbs to 1080p 60fps Quality to 26

and pay and pay and pay many many credits for Nothing i

other Cloud Services dont have “Credits” you only pay xx € per Month (verry verry cheaper as here) and ist not sooo laggy like Liquid


Some things are beyond the control of LS- keep in mind the experience varies as peoples’ situations vary. ISPs can route your connection to take a detour to another location (like Amsterdam) and cause latency/ stream issues. It’s happened before. Further testing would be required, but given what I see in your history I am uncertain if you’d be willing to try.


Just curious: will the new streamer you guys are working on fix the issues with, well, streaming? It’s getting better and better, but for me personally, this is a bigger issue than FPS drops, because while performance is almost always steady, trouble with streaming is a more regular thing


New streamer should help with the stream itself- certain things like the CPU affinity workaround should be baked into it. Also remember I’m not staff- just a user with moderation wizard powers and getting info from our overlord Morgan :wink:


Please donate him 1000 of my credits for a trial of your service. I don’t intend to use Liquidsky again until the new GFX cards are available.


Liquidsky users use vGPUs, and not gfx cards.

There is no way to donate or share skycredits.

The only way to try Liquidsky, or any other cloud gaming or virtual windows instance is by paying for the privilege.

The use of referral codes is currently the only way for anybody to get “free” skycredits with the only caveat that a new Liquidsky user account and purchase of skycredits are also needed to get the additional “free” credits from referral code.

I find it remarkable people keep asking questions, which are all covered by FAQ and official documentation.

It is a shame people simply refuse to RTFM


Whether you use referral code or not it will cost you $9.99 or more too try liquidsky.

You could share your local device specs and internet connection speeds, so that fellow LS users could make recommendations based on your user case scenario.

All I know is , even with current issues, the ten dollars I spent to try LS really has been the best ten dollars I spent in long time.

Having access to windows desktop and PC games on my android devices without using a gaming spec PC that I own, has been a revelation for me.

Another example of RTFM can also be used to confirm minimum hardware specification needed for the LS PC client✓&query=Pc+requirements