Need a controller-friendly UI option for desktop client



  1. Launch Steam Big Picture on a local PC (because I'm in a living room)
  2. Add LiquidSky client as a game
  3. Launch LiquidSky


  • Login page - This shouldn't exist anymore after you have logged in once and said "Remember Me" but there it is. After you logout again, sure show the login page - can't do much about that but not every launch. Please stop that.
  • Turning on the Sky computer - You can't do it and you need a mouse to click the button to start the system
  • Fullscreen - How does one hit F11 on a controller? I'll tell ya - you don't - need a way to force fullscreen on launch. Separate request for this:
  • Mouse lock - Not sure how relevant this is for controller games but I think it's inconsequential largely. I suppose it should just be mouse locked since there is no mouse anyway.
  • Actually being able to interface with the LiquidSky bubble - you can't with a controller - conveniently basically every setting defaults fine for me but may not for others and still needs to be ironed out

At minimum, for now, it would be nice if there was a command line argument that forced LiquidSky into a controller-friendly UI akin to the Android interface. That way anyone who just wants to use the desktop mode by default can do so (still lots of annoying tedious steps to get that going every time but I digress - separate feature request).

With a Steam Controller this scenario works pretty well (has mouse). The fullscreen issue is still there however and still one has to go through the 'click to log in' thing every time.

Start the client in full screen