Need a little help about gaming


I wanted to know that after downloading game from liquid sky through steam or windows store on android .. will we be able to play in multiplayer mode (online) or only single player mode (offline).


The SkyPC is a regular PC. You have normal internet access like in a regular PC, so yes, you can play online.


Actually you're supposed to have better connection to game servers (compared to you home pc) since sky computers have one hell of a connection :slight_smile:


Hey Bhanu,


You can play both multiplayer games (Online) and single player games (Offline) with LiquidSky! :slight_smile:


A bit off-topic, but I was wondering what did Ian mean by regions? He said that soon people from too far away from the server or from the other region won't be able to connect to such a server. Does 'region' here mean country? Or a broader area like Europe, NA, and so on?


He's saying that there gonna segregate you on the basis of your location and auto connect to the closest server that's what I think please correct me if I am wrong