Need for speed No internet connection


When I try to launch need for speed (downloaded and installed from Origin) a message pops up which reads “No Internet Connection” then LS restarts without internet connection. Has anyone had this issue and is there a solution? Thanks.


That might be a skycomputer crash, or at least in my personal experience it usually is. Was this in the middle of gaming or upon startup of NFS?


i think he said when he launches NFS so i think he means on startup when it checks internet connection


Hey joeleo80,

There’s an issue with some games which causes skycomputer to disconnect or crash.
I believe you step into that game which is non-working at the moment.
Devs are looking for the fix and would be resolving it soon.
Since,it could take time and patience would be appreciated till the team find the fix.


First time I ever tried the game. Everything else I’ve tried from origin has worked so far. Tried Titanfall 2 a few hours later and that was fine so I would agree that it’s game specific. Thanks.


Having same issue… Tried on gamer though not pro… You?


The devs are already working on a fix.