Need staff help


Im free user from LS if i pay gamer plan from 1 month is 15 $ so when that subscribe end i lost my account if i dont renew the subs or i can pay a week later?

If i run out of credits, when does my pc get deleted?

Hey Rafael!

To answer your question, if you are on the gamer plan and your plan ends/does not renew due to a lack of funds, you will be automatically downgraded to our "Pay as you go" plan and your SkyComputer will be reset.

Now from that point on, you will be able to keep your LiquidSky Account as long as you log in once, every seven days.

However, if you have 0 SkyCredits on your account, your account will be deleted after three days unless you purchase at least 1 SkyCredit.

Let me know if there's any other questions and I'll be glad to assist you!