New ISP, 20mb download, experiencing buffers every couple seconds


About three days ago I switched ISP's. My download speed is 20mb/s and my upload is 1.98mb/s.
I am connected via ethernet to the router. And inside LiquidSky, I am connected to the nearest server to my location (Mexico, around 330km to the server). The ping to that server is 60 according to the client.

However, the experience in LS is quite frustrating. Every couple seconds, the client suffers from buffers, making playing games a nightmare.

I am using DVXA because software gives even more buffers. The client has a score of 72 when on DVXA as well.

Anyone know how to fix this? I felt like calling the ISP but I have no clue about how to explain this issue to them. Any help is appreciated, thanks-


*** Can I get some input on this?


I don't know what kind of help you want we cant recreate the problem or help fix it lest we would have a similar experience with an isp or the same isp and cloud gaming is fairly new


You're right, I shouldn't be expecting much. It's aggravating really.


All I can tell you is keep the quality slider off auto keep the bars its set at to 3 max but put it to like 2 to lower the tearing/latency issues.

close any programs or downloads while using LS that would be hogging your bandwidth and you could also lower resolution and use 72030fps to reduce the amount of tearing you receive and the latency you experience.

hope this helps.


And do a test to check for packet loss. Could be an issue with ISP and/or wiring.


Quality slider is off auto.

I am the only one connected to the internet, my laptop is plugged in via ethernet.

The quality is at 1 1/2 squares. Still suffering from constant screen tearing/pixelation.

720p 30fps has the same results as 720 60fps. Tons of pixelation every couple seconds.


I did some packet loss test yesterday with support from ISP on the phone. 0 packet lost to the servers they tested.

I have no clue how to test the packet loss to the LiquidSky servers though, could be extremely useful.


if you ran any software, run it on the skycomputer... check the system and connection scores and post those as well