New people, new year - what's to come?


What do you think will come?

Honestly, I’m still waiting for the updated Mac Client so I can enjoy LiquidSky anywhere on my Macbook.


I think the driver update will be the next update


What I’m hoping for is a yearly plan! So far I’m loving it.


I hope they introduce the skylounge and launching individual games from the Liquidsky dash, in fact everything they have mentioned or shown off in the last year has made me excited to see where they are heading.


I would like to see the 5€ PAYG package available again!!


V.I.P. gamer club I’m waiting for that thing


Did you guys see something on the In App mesaging on the LiquidSky Client? :wink:


Guys, you are the best! The staff is pro :cool:




I saw the 50% off but didn’t seem to reflect when I went to pay for it. I’ll try again tomorrow.


Can’t wait for the update that will fix origin and Uplay game crashes.Looking forward for a year full of new games and releases.


These games are already fixed. Some still have issues, but in general, Origin and Uplay should work.