New Policy....Serious Concern about your future


Please consider just reading this, pass this to Ian even, someone that controls this, its important.

You done did it this time. After users fought to not allow this act of taking credits away for so long.

I don’t plan to wish bad luck to this company, I am not that angry but simply comparing, i can see the red line you’ve crossed when i got the new policy email. You will probably still delete this post but ik it will be archived some where because really what is really deleted on the internet? You just hide it. Please don’t this is not just for people its also for you, the liquidsky team and mods and try not to give me blanket statements, really just sink in all of this and try actually looking at your competitors and see what they’re doing and compare it to the enjoyment of how users use this and you’ll see where I am coming from instead of hiding it behind a iron curtain. I am no psychic but seeing the change in how you pay for services, this credit system might actually be a disadvantage for you looking forward in the future.

For the consumer, take a long read, copy and paste if you need to. Analysing this service and its practices gives better understanding to why what this new policy is giving is problematic now and will probably cause issues for this company in the long run, its best to speak up now for them to finally adapt to the current cloud gaming market demand otherwise to see its demise and drown in its bad decisions competition would be quite depressing to say the least.

I think its safe to say as a consumer that we’re forced to use to this in a specific time frame in order to keep our data and credits we spent with our hard earned money and forced to whip out our wallets to keep our stockpiled credits, like just wow tbh. Now i am obviously aware talking about competitors in specifics is forbidden which is a good thing at the same time I use other stuff that give me much much more playtime for the same price maybe much cheaper with stronger specs.

I had left about 7k so about 40 to 50$ worth of credits as a contingency if the current service i was using were to go bust or if I was frustrated with their bugs which i would pay to use liquidsky again if I were to use it as my daily driver again for what ever reason but the fact that you’re pulling this out of the magicians hat now after most of the community fought for it to not happen, i feel like you’re digging yourself a deeper hole here. Not to mention you’re still charging a timed service not a by payment service and to top that to force us to keep using what we keep stockpiled is just a big slap in the face if you ask me.

I had a lot of respect for this service and company, granted I absolutely hated the credit system because it made me paranoid on how much I play for, what happens if i get locked out of my pc and it still draining my credits and support is offline for the day… and I would always worry that “oh played too much arma today so now i got to pay my self back” like this mentality of having to whip out my wallet not for monthly use no sir… for each time i use it is ludicrous finding out later that there are other services that do the exact same thing but have better specs and unlimited play time so you don’t have to worry if you run into issues made me furious in how i felt psychologically tricked into spending more money for less play time like wtf man?

That’s like some EA level mind trickery.

Now with all that said, sorry for the negativity, there are people who like the credit system and wholeheartedly support this company and its practices and i use to be that but knowing all of this and seeing in my email about you bringing back the thing no one wanted…I am completely done with this service, i’ve lost all respect. i’m sorry. 40$ to 50$ stockpiled as credits gone to waste, I am not sure how this method of usage of this service will survive in the long term compared to every one else but this post really is to say something needs to change because if more people like myself notice its better for your money with other services its going to be quite a riot on your hands.

Now you’ve done a good job upgrading the specs and optimisations but what is the problem is how you pay for your play, sure people can exploit the unlimited time thing but coming from a service that has unlimited usage i was told you need a inactivity timer and a hidden program that detects exploit programs to keep the pc on, idk how but you simply neglect the fact that you can do that and will still force us the consumer to pay for what seems to be controlled play time which means you can’t have fun without being scared of playing too much, now the chinese government would actually agree with this type of pay for play time system cuz they have laws for games and stuff and deam consoles illegal but for the rest of the world its just bad. I don;t know if you’re team has already figured this out but things need to change because as much as I am absolutely furious with you guys and this company, i don;t wish it bad luck but when more people like my realise things are better in other places, you just feel cheated you know?

So its not a matter of scaring people off of this service, its a matter of just demanding for change because seeing all this new competition pop out one after another adapting unlimited usage and fair cloud pc deletion, this service will 100% have issues keeping users as you keep changing the policy. Please just think about your decisions before everyone will be angry and pissed off.

This service deserves better not worse.


New plan = price increase for no reason


Well I see no reason to hide or archive this thread as you’re within bounds of the rules (unlike certain other users who have been bold enough to mention competitors) and you are free to voice your dissent. Please note that us mods or Morgan are simply messengers- we do what we must do to maintain order on the forums.

tldr: Thread will not need action as it’s within bounds of rules- if it isn’t then action will need to be taken.


Alright thanks and I DM’d Morgan about this too, if he doesn’t get it could you relay this with other mods


We will try what we can- I can not guarantee anything but I will do my best to relay feedback.


I have no problem with the concept of paying for time as long as you get to use the time that you paid for and that it’s fairly priced. I used to feel that both applied to the service until the change of the terms. And lately the service hasn’t been worth even the old price. There has been some really serious performance problems. Those should have been sorted before even proposing a price hike. I don’t even call the new policy a simple price hike but an illegal scam. You guys are effectively changing a product that somebody has already paid for. The double credit thing serves no purpose but to devalue what people have already paid for unless they agree to a subscription model where they lose time that they paid for that they didn’t use right away. I really think there are some points here that are illegal I am pretty sure of it. But even if your asses are covered, it is still unethical. Given the poor performance of the service lately, I don’t even really see why anybody is going to stick around. I will probably be gone after I burn all my credits. I will miss a few of the lower staff around here that I know have nothing to do with it. There are some great people involved here that had a vision of what they wanted the future of cloud gaming to look like. But I believe these people have been overridden by greedy Capital investors with only short-sighted goals. Ones that don’t give a damn about the long-term viability of the company as long as they get a quick pay off.


Been making the rounds, but I’ll be discussing feedback with the team today. Thanks everyone for making themselves heard.

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Please note that there have been changes made to the SkyCredit policy.