New skyCredits not added to my account



On the 26th (yesterday) i should receive 80 new fresh sky credits.
But this did int happen, no new sky credits are added to my account, nor there where a automatic Paypal transaction of 9.99 Dollars (3 month December, promo price).

I checked the Paypal authorized transactions and the Approved Xsolla Inc transaction is still active.
It seems that the LS accounting system did not activate a renewal ?

Could please a LS employee check the status and give the system a kick, so that my subscription gets auto renewed and so i will get 80 new sky credits added to my account.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

My Unlimited plan got removed

Hey Wesleybons,

Could you forward me your LiquidSky Account E-mail so I can further investigate the issue.




I have the same problem, it's been five days now since they day I've been supposed to recieve new credits. please help


Same problem here also. It didn't renew last month either so this month I made sure all my card details were as they should be so there would be no hickup with the renewal and I wouldn't have to set up my Skycomputer up all over again. Especially as it was the $9.99 deal but despite all my efforts it did not renew as it should have and my computer was deleted. Really quite frustrating :frowning:


Same here. I am due on renewal tomorrow the 29th. I tried manually paying my bill but the website tries to charge me 14.99 instead of the 9.99 price. I've been using this price since the Black Friday Sale.

The same applies to my brother, who is using the unlimited plan, since the Black Friday Sale, and his promocional price is not being respected too. The website tries to charge him the 39.99 standard price.

Pls help, thank you :smiley:


Hello LiquidSkyJustin,

I have a similar problem and I don't think my ticket submission is working or something. I've gotten no reply for a few days and had a weird auto message with some kind of error when I submitted. My issue summed up: I had unlimited account, signed up during $20 a month for 3 month promo. I logged in on the 27th(friday) and my sky computer had been completely wiped, I lost everything, and I no longer have unlimited access, I have been degraded to Pay as you go. To further add to this, when I try to renew manually since there is no auto renewal option, It says I need to pay $40 for the unlimited, even though i signed up for a 3 month promo of $20 per month. My liquidsky account email is

Thank you



I never heard anything from Justin so raised a support ticket and they sorted it all out within a few short hours. Very happy with the support provided. Many thanks LiquidSky :slight_smile:


Why has none of my support tickets been answered? I submitted one regarding this over 5 days ago and another one yesterday. I've heard nothing. I'm concerned my tickets aren't working properly. Glad to hear they fixed your issue but can someone at liquidsky pleass look at my previous mentioned issue on this thread because my tickets are going unanswered. My liquidsky email is:


I hope Justin will reply soon, with a solution.
I don´t know if i need to make a support ticket for this. it seems that the results are a hit and miss.

@LiquidSkyJustin can you please help and reply to our account renewal problems?, we are your paying costumers here :frowning:


Yes, paying customers. We are not beta key free loaders. These are paying customers receiving no help. I'm losing my patience.


We have resolved the majority of users currently experiencing this issue.

For those who are still encountering this issue, please reply to this thread or message me your LiquidSky Account E-mail (again) so that I may confirm and further investigate the issue.



Hi Justin,

Now Xsolla Inc.has made a paypal request to withdraw 10.00 dollars from my account.
This is done and Paypal completed the transaction.

But still there are no credits added to my LS account, its still the same amount.

I will send you my LS email again.


Same happened to me + my plan was changed without notification and my sky computer was deleted.


Hello Everyone!

If anyone is still encountering this issue, please feel free to message me your LiquidSky Account E-mail so that I may further assist you.

I want to ensure that everyone here is taken care of and has properly received their SkyCredits for the month.

Thank you~


I am having this same issue, my gamerplan didn't credit me my 80 credits.


still have not received my sky credits that was due 1/23/17. please solve my liquid sky email is:


Hi I'm having a trouble with my subscription. It already made the charge to my card but didn't add the new credits i already contacted xsolla and they told me that my subscription cancelled on 2017/02/02.


should have gotten my credits last weekend my email is if you need proof of my payment hook me up on that email and ill forward you the transcation tnx in advance. good product still waiitng to get my credits to go hammmm tnx.


This just happened to me too. I was on the unlimited plan and suddenly it took me off and deleted my sky computer.


My sub auto renewed via Visa yesterday through Xsolla, but my the credits were not added into the account. Can you please forward me your email or check my account (

I sent a support ticket but not it is not seen for 2 days now.

EDIT: Called Xsolla, the payment went through. Yep my credits aren't being added. Please fix this.