New Subscription HD Space Impact


So I had an email earlier mentioning how the new subscription format will be $9.99 which is great and it will have 1tb of space which is also great.

Currently I am on the monthly sub on the legacy offerings and have 500gb space, so will my 500gb instance just get updated to 1tb or will it delete all my data and create a new instance of 1tb? I only ask as I still use LS day to day at the moment so ideally want to backup my saves etc if you will end up destroying all legacy systems when the new ones are created.

If this is the case and you will be destroying all legacy systems when the new ones come out, is there any chance I could be added to the beta list so I can migrate my stuff over now and just use that (assuming beta systems would not be torn down when the new system goes live).


I think you should save important data in another cloud, just in case. There is a risk to delete the data when upgrading servers.
It would be nice to hear the answer of someone from the team.


Never ever store important data in LiquidSky.

For "half important data", simply install Dropbox in the machine, and use the Dropbox folder to backup. Or, any other service. But you get the idea.

There is no service agreement for your data. Backing up everyone's data redundantly and real-time would cost a LOT, and it would make the service extremely pricey. To be honest with you here, the site / service does not seem so secure, so I would not store anything personal on the machines. I am sure the team did everything to secure us, but it's man-made, it has bugs. I would wait at at least half a year after the new version comes out to see if hackers can crack the system.

The only accounts I use on my machine are protected by two-step authenticators. This is not Vultr/DigitalOcean or any other VPS provider. LS provides a gaming VM, and that's it.


Lol it is only game saves I don't expect SLAs or nightly backups etc. If my vm went kaput I wouldn't lose much sleep, however if it could be avoided I would rather try to do so.

I did install Google drive and game save manager but Google drive keeps logging out and thinking it's a different pc so I gave up on using that as a means to backup and sync.

The main thing for me is if they KNOW that the new version will cause a wipe I would rather attempt to mitigate and hassle sooner rather than later.


@LiquidSkyJustin Sorry to ping you directly but do you have any official stance on what will happen to existing machines when the new machines come out? again I dont mind either way as long as I know what is currently planned, even if it does change etc.


Not a problem Grofit1, feel free to ping me whenever as I am always glad to help.

While we will be releasing an official statement soon on all transition guidelines and procedures as our users move from the old LiquidSky to the new LiquidSky in March, I would advise that for now you back up your data either into a dropbox or a separate system of storage.

At the moment, there is no guarantee that existing SkyComputers will be maintained as we transition to the new LiquidSky due to the fact that old SkyComputers are operating on Windows 8.1 and the new LiquidSky is running on a Windows 10 operating system.

If you have any other further questions, feel free to ask as I am always readily available to answer and help ;D



Thanks Justin, it sounds like it will be easier to destroy the instances and re-create them and I am totally fine with that, just as long as there is some time frame for us existing users to backup our stuff and migrate over.

Also on a tangent and feel free to pm me rather than spamming up here, but as an existing subscriber am I automatically entered into whatever beta key queue you have or was there some explicit sign up as it was not that clear when I signed up, I assumed it was automatic, again not gonna lose any sleep if I am not in the beta.